Join us at the Inn on Barons Creek, one of the nicest Fredericksburg Inn for an exquisite summer vacation!

Art Festivals!

We have some budget-friendly collections of upcoming events to help you dive into a visual and performing arts scenes. The Briscoe Western Art Museum has a spectacular new exhibition featuring the works of Andy Warhol and Billy Schenck on display until September 3. You can also explore San Antonio’s headwaters in a night of music, poetry, and other artistic events at El Ojo del Aqua: Sacred Springs, Sacred Stories on June 4. Or see 500 years of Spanish paintings from the Museums of Madrid at the San Antonio Museum of Art from June 22 to September 16.

Wine-down Days in the Fields!

You could spend your day sipping some of our finest wines at the Fredericksburg Winery or take a tour of the beautiful Grape Creek Vineyard. Another benefit of staying with us at the Inn on Barons Creek, Fredericksburg Inn is that you are located just steps from main street which offers are a variety of shops and restaurants. Weather you come in for a week-long trip or a weekend trip, you will have plenty of opportunities to talk with local merchants learning about their products and some of the local businesses. You will also be able to purchase local peaches, strawberries, and blackberries as they are grown nearby! Wildseed Farms can be confused for a store, but really, it’s a farm that you can tour as well as enjoy some fresh food. It’s a great place to buy plants. But it’s also a great spot just to walk around and enjoy the scenery. During wildflower season, you will be blown away by the beauty!

Finding the Cave!

If you would like to challenge yourself with a cave exploration, Enchanted Rock is the spot for you! Most hikes aren’t too strenuous and provide some beautiful and unique scenery; you can easily spot pink stone up and down the road. Watch out for the cactus! As you are hiking, don’t forget to look for the cave! Once you get to the top, go over the other side you will see a bunch of rocks piled up, don’t be fooled it’s a cave! Once you know to look for it, you will easily find it! As you explore, remember to watch for daddy long legs and be careful of slippery surfaces. If you are up for a challenging climb, you can venture through the rocks. The view is well worth the rough climb to the top!

The Inn on Barons Creek is the ideal Fredericksburg Inn, to stay while exploring this quaint town on a beautiful Texan summer day!