Downtown Fredericksburg is booming with life, history, creative energy, and many excellent restaurants for a romantic date night. Main Street is the heart of downtown Fredericksburg and is filled with over a hundred local restaurants, shops, wine shops, breweries, museums, and art galleries. The dreamy Inn on Barons Creek is just a short walk from Main Street and features plush amenities and enchanting accommodations


When looking for hotels in Fredericksburg, TX, for a romantic getaway, check out the stunning King Jacuzzi Suite at Inn on Barons Creek. The knowledgeable team at Inn on Barons Creek is dedicated to ensuring our guests have the vacation of their dreams. That’s why we’ve created this guide for you on the most romantic restaurants to enjoy during your romantic getaway.

The 7 Most Romantic Downtown Fredericksburg Restaurants

  1. Vaudeville Living: This renovated three-story building is the perfect spot for a date night in downtown Fredericksburg. All in one place, you can enjoy a romantic night at one of the best downtown Fredericksburg restaurants, the gourmet market, the wine club, the shop, the supper club, and the art gallery. 
  2. Perspective Cellars: Although they don’t have a full restaurant, you can enjoy an impressive wine selection and charcuterie boards in a historic home built in 1885. The World War II Commander of the U.S Pacific Fleet, Chester W. Nimitz, was born in the Perspective Cellars building. 
  3. Nury’s On Main: Enjoy fresh seafood and local wine and beer at Nury’s On Main. Chef Nury owns and runs several different local restaurants, one in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg.
  4. Otto’s German Bistro: Enjoy delicious farm-to-table German cuisine at one of the best downtown restaurants in Fredericksburg, TX. They have a stunning atmosphere and source their ingredients from local, independent farms and ranches.
  5. Granite House Lounge: Enjoy New Orleans-inspired fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. The expertly crafted cuisine and cocktails in a lovely and serene environment make this one of the best downtown Fredericksburg restaurants for date night.
  6. Cabernet Grill: This is one of the best downtown Fredericksburg restaurants for its excellent cuisine and the country’s largest selection of Texas wines. The stunning rustic and luxurious decor make this a dreamy date night spot.
  7. Hill & Vine: Enjoy fine dining at this lovely restaurant that features live music every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening. You can even grab a cocktail from the Das Bar Bus outside the restaurant if you have to wait for a table.

Explore the best romantic downtown Fredericksburg restaurants by booking your stay today with The Inn on Barons Creek!