Historic old building in Fredericksburg, TX


Deep in the Hill Country of the Lone Star State, you’ll find the charming town of Fredericksburg, Texas. To visitors today, Fredericksburg is known as a romantic weekend getaway that boasts dozens of vineyards and peach orchards spread throughout the hilly, limestone landscape. Before grapevines and Texas peaches dominated the narrative of Fredericksburg, the town was an early settlement established by German settlers in the heart of new and unknown land– Texas. As the town evolved to become what it is today, certain aspects of the history of Fredericksburg were preserved. To learn more about the history of Fredericksburg, continue reading below.

Visit the Old County Jail 

One of Fredericksburg’s oldest buildings has a dark history. The Old Gillespie County Jail was constructed in 1885 and held prisoners as late as 1939. Today, visitors can tour the two-story building and snap photos behind bars. The Old Gillespie County Jail is part of the Pioneer Museum.

Learn About the First Settlers

If you’re yearning to learn a bit more about Texas’s unique history, from its time as a Mexican territory to the brief period of national independence, all the way to the statehood, head to the Pioneer Museum. The Pioneer Museum showcases the history of Fredericksburg through a unique collection of artifacts and information detailing the lives of the original German settlers. 

Dive into World War II

While it may not be your traditional Texas history lesson setting, the Fredericksburg Museum of the Pacific War honors the important history of World War II’s Pacific Theater. This museum was once housed in the 1890 Nimitz Steamboat Hotel—a unique location in the history of Fredericksburg—has since moved to a six-acre complex that includes the original Nimitz building. Within the museum, guests will find a detailed chronicle of the Pacific Theater and honors those who served. 

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