Whether you’re from Fredericksburg, or you’re visiting this Halloween Season, there are plenty of festive activities to enjoy here. From spending a family day at the pumpkin patch, to spending the evening hunting for spooky thrills with friends, you’ll love staying at our Inn on Barons Creek. It’s not only one of the best Fredericksburg hotels, but its close-proximity to downtowns’ historical buildings and San Antonio’s thrilling haunted houses for a spooktacular Halloween getaway.  

Pumpkin Patches around our Fredericksburg hotels

Fredericksburg is home to many orchards and hobby farms, so naturally, there are pumpkin patches. Although the Vogel Orchard specializes in peaches, in the fall, they invite you to come to pick pumpkins and take the kids on a tractor-pulled hayride. You’ll want to purchase some of their home-baked pumpkin chiffon pie, pecan pie bars, peach cobbler, pumpkin bread, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or some fresh peach butter or blackberry ice cream, as well as other fun treats at their gift shop.

Thrilling Scares Far from our Fredericksburg Hotels!

Halloween is almost here if you’re passing through Fredericksburg make sure to part-take in some of the thrilling scares! Fredericksburg is known as a modern and fun place to visit in Texas thanks to its fine wines, orchards, and wildflowers. But some believe it’s also hiding an eerie past. If you’re up for a thrill take a drive around town or head over to San Antonio’s 13th Floor Haunted House for the most fun, you’ve ever had to get scared. Most buildings don’t have a 13th floor– but here, in San Antonio, it’s terrifyingly real. This world-famous Haunt House has been featured on USA Today as “One of the best-haunted attractions in the United States.” Before it was a Haunted House, this building briefly operated as a hotel for passengers traveling through San Antonio. Legend has it, a group of school children heading South of San Antonio was halted here, after a sudden turn in the weather. So, they checked in to the hotel across the street to rest for the night. The following morning, the rain had shifted to a drizzle, so the bus driver and children boarded the bus and hit the road. A train was quickly moving down the tracks, coming toward the stalled bus. By the time the engineer spotted the school bus stalled along his path, he desperately pulled his break and the train whistle, but it was too late. The massive engine crashed into the bus, killing ten of the kids. According to the legend, these children continue to haunt the area, including the hotel, protecting others from experience a similar fate.

So whether you want to experience some fun traditional family activities or some thrilling scares in historical and spooky haunted houses, you’ll have the best Halloween fun in Fredericksburg, TX. Don’t worry, our Inn on Barons Creek is one of the best Fredericksburg hotels, nothing like historic hotels in San Antonio.