Lavender Fields in Fredericksburg TexasFredericksburg, Texas, is one of the best Texan destinations to head to for your next getaway. From the beauty of Texas Hill Country to the bustling downtown, there’s something for everyone in this Texan town. When you stay at the Inn on Barons Creek, you’ll be met with everything you need for a beautiful getaway in Fredericksburg, Texas. Tucked away in Texas Hill Country, you’ll be located just a short walk from downtown Fredericksburg. With luxurious rooms, amazing views, and an on-site spa perfect for relaxing, you’ll find it hard even to leave the hotel. But spring is springing up in Fredericksburg, and that means it’s time for the lavender to bloom! With lavender all over this Texan town, you’ll find yourself lost in a wonderland of purple flowers as you explore these lavender fields in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Lavender Blooms in Fredericksburg

While Texas Bluebonnets tend to bloom in early spring, you can guarantee beautiful lavender fields in Fredericksburg, Texas, between the months of May and July. Here, you’ll find multiple Lavender Festivals to enjoy so that you can enjoy the many varieties of lavender that bloom here in Fredericksburg, Texas. This is also a great souvenir to bring home for friends and family—many artisans create items you can purchase, from salts, oils, honey, tea, and more.

Where to See the Lavender in Fredericksburg

While lavender is a common sight to see in Texas Hill Country during late spring and early summer, there are a few specific places where to see the lavender in all its glory! You can venture to nearby towns, such as Blanco (the “Lavender Capital” of the world), but there are quite a few places to experience the lavender fields right in Fredericksburg. When it comes to spotting the lavender fields in Fredericksburg, Texas, be sure to head to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm and Becker Vineyards. While Becker Vineyards has a Lavender Festival in early May every year, both locations have fields you can visit throughout the time the lavender is blooming. This is the perfect opportunity to get the kids outside, take some pictures for your social media, or simply experience the beauty of spring among the flowers.

Inn on Barons Creek

When it comes to experiencing Fredericksburg, Texas, seeing the lavender fields is a must. When you stay at the Inn on Barons Creek, you’ll have plenty of chances to experience the lavender fields in Fredericksburg, Texas, so you can get the ultimate Texan experience, no matter where you’re visiting from.