No matter where you look, there is always something new to discover on your Fredericksburg getaway. Set off from the Inn on Barrons Creek to wander up and down Main Street, taking in all the local shops and businesses that line the streets. There are also several natural wonders and attractions to explore. If you find yourself spending time in the Great Outdoors, see how many wildflowers you can spot on your Texas Hill Country adventures.


Our Fredericksburg hotel near Main Street is the perfect place to unwind after spending time looking for colorful flora. Our luxurious accommodations have everything you need to enjoy a peaceful night in, while our spa can ease your sore muscles. To help you get a jumpstart on your wildflower search, we’ve put together a list of common flowers and where you can find them.

Types of Wildflowers You Can Find in Texas Hill Country

Several different varieties of wildflowers can be seen throughout the Texas Hill Country. In fact, over 5,000 species can be found throughout Texas. This region’s limestone cliffs, hidden springs, and granite outcrops mean there are diverse habitats for wildflowers to bloom.

Some of the most popular and common flowers include:

  • Bluebonnets: known for clusters of blue, pea-like flowers
  • Indian paintbrush: known for bright-red, paintbrush-like “spikes”
  • Mexican hat: recognizable leafless stalk with flower head consisting of three to seven yellow or yellow and red-brown petals


Check online for updates on when wildflowers bloom and are expected to reach their peak.

Where to Find the Colorful Flora

One of the most wonderful places to view wildflowers is Wildseed Farms, the country’s largest working wildflower farm. The farm right outside Fredericksburg is home to over 200 acres of wildflower fields. Walk the half-mile trail before stopping by the tasting room to sip on wine made using the estate grapes. You can even purchase seeds to plant your own flowers back home. 

Other great spots for taking in breathtaking flower views include Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, Lyndon B. Johnson State Park, and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Take your time wandering along the hiking trails found in all these places to see how many wildflowers you can identify.

After a day searching for Texas wildflowers, enjoy a night at the Inn on Barrons Creek.